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Corporate Advisory

As a practical professional group founded on principled standard , it advises its client for their long term gain and do not advise anything just for short term gain of clients and lending them in big trouble in unnecessary proceedings. It assists its clients:

  • To suggest restructuring including amalgamation & merger ensuring that the whole process results in profitable pooling of resources, so that the whole organization benefits from the corporate restructuring by using all available resources in an economical manner.
  • To incorporate the new companies as per the requirement of the client in order to endeavour its growth and development in all divisions of organization. It gives direction through the process of starting one’s own business, so that the core focus of clients is on raising the business and not on the compliance.
  • Maintaining accounting records to enable consistent financial information. Adequate staff is available to support the maintenance of statutory books and records.
  • Partnership formation, reorganization.
  • To complete the legal requirements of the corporate companies & individuals.
  • Raising funds and assisting to identify current and future funding needs, and approach funders who can meet stipulated requirements.